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We have been working since 2010. We take on the most difficult tasks, performing residential and office window cleaning. Our clients are legal entities and private individuals. Business owners can order our services for an office, hotel, restaurant or any commercial premises. All you have to do is specify an address and a convenient time, set a task and pay for the order. We will send a reliable specialist to you by reminding you the day before the appointed time. The specialist will arrive at the specified time and clean up. Our goal is to make professional window cleaning available to everyone, turning it from a privilege of the rich to the commonplace. We also create jobs for professionals who know and love what they do. 

By providing professional window cleaning services , we make your home cozier and life a little easier at low prices. We carefully select our staff and train our employees, which means that each of our professionals meets our cleaning standards and works to our clients' expectations.

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60 Rue de la République, 78100 
Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France