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About Us

Cleaning windows is not a pleasant thing to do. The work takes both time and effort. In this case not everyone can do the perfect job of cleaning wooden or plastic windows by themselves. This is where the competent specialists of our cleaning company are ready to help you.


Why choose us?

Our window cleaners use only products and materials that allow them to remove dirt without the risk of damaging the surface of the glass, window frames and window sills. Effective detergents quickly dissolve deposits, and soft microfiber cleaning materials wash away dirt without a trace.

Workers use only specialized cleaners that are safe for the environment, people and the surface of windows and frames.

Our team of professionals also uses lifting equipment to clean windows at any height. You can be Assurance that our professionals are up to the task.

Window cleaning prices:

Stained glass or complex construction from $15.
3 casement window from $15.
2 casement window from $10
Single casement window from $8
Custom windows from $5/m2
Removal of adhesive tape is included in the price
Mosquito net cleaning is included in the price
Order house cleaning and the cleaner will come at the appointed time. He will bring the necessary equipment and means of cleaning.






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